Capri, Italy - A Premier Italian Island

The island of Capri is located off the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Mediterranean Sea. Some popular destination on Capri include the Blue Grotto, the Marina Piccola (Small Harbor), the Faraglioni - limestone structures sticking out of the sea, and the Belvedere of Tragara - a high promenade with a panoramic view.

When vacationing in Naples or Sorrento, many tourists visit Capri for a day to enjoy the beauty that is unique to this island.

The Blue Grotto is a cave that is partially submersed by water. It is said that Roman emporers used to use this grotto as a private bathing area. Currently, visitors to the island sometimes voyage on a guided rowboat and enter the grotto through the opening. It is very beautiful inside, and in the right sunshine, the blue color from the ocean water is very brilliant.

Ferries and hydrofoil boats frequently make there way between Capri and Naples or Sorrento, making arrival to the island very simple. Boats also visit other ports throughout the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples. Marina Grande is the port in Capri where most boats take visitors. From there, visitors take the funicular up the hill to the village of Capri.